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The Party Kitchen has some big news to share. Recently, Rebecca Holoman of Gracious Hall catering approached me about transitioning The Party Kitchen space into a Gracious Hall market. As you can imagine, I was extremely torn. I have loved facilitating parties and events with all of you, but as the events grew in popularity the workload increased exponentially, leaving me less time than I desire with my two young children. After careful consideration of many factors, the decision was made to accept the offer and transition the space to Rebecca and Gracious Hall. All of the events we have scheduled in February and early March will continue as planned.

I will not be scheduling any further events at the space we currently occupy. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a culinary event which requires a facilitator, however!

When The Party Kitchen was in its infancy, I read several business books in preparation. The concept that stood out most to me from that reading was a quote from The Pumpkin Plan, which stated that your best customers would be similar to your closest friends. A truer statement could not be made about my experience with our loyal Party Kitchen customers.

Thank you so much to all of you – this has been an incredibly joyous and wonderful journey, and it is all because of you.

Please join me in welcoming The Gracious Hall Market into their new space and I look forward to seeing you at a future event.


Sarah Vogelsinger

Party Kitchen Partners:

The Party Kitchen is collaborating with Shared Dream Kitchen to help people interested in starting or expanding a food service business do so without the massive cost of a commercial kitchen built out.


Check them out at

We don't "give a portion" of our earnings. Handouts don't work. Teaching works. We support missions and organizations that teach communities to grow great coffee. We teach you to brew the perfect cup of coffee. It all starts with great coffee beans.


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Dave's Slow Food

Dave caters events large and small with his own "brand" of fantastic Bar-B-Que. Dave's motto is "FLAVOR DOESN'T HAPPEN IN A HURRY", and having attended several events that he has catered we couldn't agree more.


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