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Looking for a unique experience for your next birthday party? Let us help you plan a cooking, baking, or decorating event that your guests are sure to remember. We do events on site, either in your home or will do what we can to accommodate food allergies, as we understand how serious these can be. Give us a call at (630) 776-6648 or send us a message  to plan your party experience today! $75 deposit required to lock in date.


**Do you have a reason to celebrate other than a birthday? Any of these options can be made into a special event for any reason. Going away parties, showers, bachelorette events, if you have a reason to get a group together we will make it happen!

Double The Fun

Baking From Scratch


Our most popular party! If the apron package is selected, we will begin by decorating those. Guests and guests of honor will decorate two cupcakes, using two different styles and mediums that we use every day in the bakery!  We will then have a surprise activity, and move on to the second cupcake. We like our guests to sample their work so they will get to eat one of the cupcakes they make, and we will package up the second cupcake to take home and show to those who weren’t at the party! Time for photos will be provided as well as time for opening presents if you wish. Best for ages 5-8 Total time is 2 hours.


**$195 for up to 10 guests, $15 per additional guest, max of 20

Would you like to experience the art and science of baking while celebrating with your guests? Our Baking from Scratch party allows for just that! Measuring, mixing, and blending frosting flavors is just some of the fun your guests will partake in. Their final products are guaranteed to please! Each guest will get an apron to call their own and will take home some of their gourmet cupcakes as a parting gift from the host.


Base price: $250 for up to 10 guests. $15 for each additional guest.

Max of 20.

**This party is customizable, as are all of our events. If you would like to add in a decorating component please inquire with Sarah.


Calling all Food Network Fans - this party is for you! Our party hosts will give a brief tour of the kitchen and equipment available for use during the day's "competition". We will then show the day's specialty ingredients and seasonings. (We promise not to include anything too strange!) Guests will work in teams to create the finest sweet and savory dishes they can with the ingredients provided. Watch the guests of your party utilize fruits, veggies, grains and proteins to create delicious and unique dishes and then present them to the group at the culmination of the party. Guests will eat final products together once dishes have been presented. (Recipe suggestions available to those newer to cooking)


$295 for up to 10 guests (ages 10 and over only)

$15 per additional guest, max of 20

**Please inform us if there are any allergies in your group.



We like to make things as easy on you as possible.


Apron Package: No need for a goody bag! For $2 per person, each guest will receive a blank white apron. Fabric markers will be provided so aprons can be decorated during the party.


Apron Personalization: For $1 per guest, names will be carefully and neatly written on aprons.


Snack Package: For $3 per guest we will provide pre-portioned snacks and juice boxes or small water bottles.


Chefs In Training

Cupcake Battles

This party goes in a completely different direction than our other options. This is perfect for a future Iron Chef, or any kid who is just interested in cooking. A menu will be created especially for your party, and the guests will work to produce this delicious meal. Guests will work in small groups to complete various recipes, and then come together to enjoy the fruits of their labor!


$235-$275 based on menu selected for up to 10 guests (Ages 8 and over only). $15 per extra guest, max 20 guest total.


This party is a extension of our double the fun party. Party guests will learn tips and tricks of the decorating trade from our professional baker. They will decorate two cupcakes with buttercream and fondant. They will then put these skills to work while decorating a third cupcake using their own vision. Parents can participate on the judges panel and winners in several categories will be chosen.


Base Price: $235 for 10 guests

Each additional guest $15


Classes & Events with The Party Kitchen

The Party Kitchen also offers a wide selection of cooking and baking classes for any skill level. Plan an event in the comfort of your home, or at a location with a commercial kitchen. Your guests will walk away with recipes and some great memories!  Give us a call today at (630) 776-6648 or send us a message for class scheduling and cost.



  • New Parent Cooking

    Along with the million other things you are learning to do as a new parent, there is all this talk about making your own baby food! Who has time for that? Well, we are here to show you some easy baby food recipes that use fresh and healthy foods but won’t take up all your extra time!  Join us at The Party Kitchen for a little night out, and leave here with some fresh, homemade baby food and multiple recipes!

  • Healthy Eating – Within Reason

    It’s everywhere these days, this “Clean Eating” trend, and there are many interpretations of what it means. At The Party Kitchen, we believe in making quality food from quality ingredients and also keeping the meals nice and easy. You want a healthy family, but like most of us, you would probably rather spend more time with your kiddos than in the kitchen! Come to The Party Kitchen for our Healthy Eating class and leave with some new ideas and great recipes!

  • French Cooking

    Would you like to impress your dinner guests with an authentic French meal?  Join us for our French Cooking class and you’ll learn how to make a variety of dishes to comprise a proper French meal.  We will focus on recipes that can be prepared in a reasonable amount of time and contain ingredients that can actually be found in America!

  • Kids Classes

    Kids 3D Christmas Cookie Class


    Come in and make a 3D Christmas cookie tree. Also prepare and decorate traditionally shaped sugar cookies


    Culinary Camp


    These run in two day sessions during the summer. Each day will have a different theme and focus on specific culinary concepts.


    Little Italy


    Make your own pasta. Linguine & ravioli with simple toppings.


    Taco Tuesday


    Make your own tortillas and fill them with fresh roasted veggies and various authentic cheeses.


  • Cookie Baking

    Need to do some baking for a holiday or an event? Maybe just for fun? Come to The Party Kitchen and let us do the planning, shopping and clean up! We have 3, 4 and 5 dozen class options. The more you want to take home, the wider the variety of recipes we will provide. Come and spend a couple hours with us and take home a box of cookies to share with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. They will also be freezer ready!

*Ask about specials for private event organizers*

**Inquire about travel time if event is outside of Batavia or Geneva.



*Photos may be taken at parties and events for our promotional materials. If this is an issue, please inform Sarah and your privacy will be respected*


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